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After being fit and active for my entire life, in February 2012 I found myself staying home with a newborn, working part time as a bartender and still holding onto 30 of the 50 lbs I gained during my pregnancy.  As a first time mom I found myself doing a little too much baby cuddling (is there such a thing?!) and not enough getting up and out of the house.  Also, after eating pretty well during my pregnancy (minus the daily ice cream indulgence) I was now sleep deprived, trying to juggle the demanding schedule of baby and the good eating habits I had practiced my whole life slowly started to disappear. When I did remember to find time to eat I usually resorted to something prepackaged, full of terrible ingredients and also really high in calories, so needless to say those 30 lbs weren’t going ANYWHERE.  If any of you have ever worked as a bartender you know that there is a lot of emphasis put on your appearance.  I found myself every Thursday night before work dreading digging through my closet trying to find something that would fit and be flattering all while thinking of all the other girls at work who were in such better shape and a lot thinner than me. I USED to be the fit, in shape girl and now I was the chubby one. This made me one unhappy and sad mama.  Enter Beachbody.

I had a friend on Facebook who was always talking about this great nutrition shake that he was drinking called Shakeology.  I thought, well that’s something I could use in my life.  It’s incredibly healthy, QUICK to prepare for a busy mom AND it comes in chocolate flavor?? Where do I buy?!  I reached out to him and shared my weight loss and nutrition struggles.  After chatting for a few days I found out that he was earning an income while staying home with his daughter and helping people like me lose weight and get healthy. I have always been into health and fitness and wanted to still be able contribute to our family finances without having to sacrifice time with my family so I KNEW something like that would be PERFECT for me. I signed up instantly to become a Beachbody coach and it was the best $39 I’ve ever spent.  I get to work on my own personal health and fitness, help others do the same, be my own boss AND earn a great income.

Now my life is FULL of positivity, I get to spend all the time I want with my husband and daughter, I feel GREAT when I look in the mirror, my husband and I don’t stress about which bills to pay and which ones can wait because there isn’t enough money for them all and MOST importantly I get to help others reach this same point in their lives and really love the JOY I get from seeing others reach goals they never thought they could.

I started this blog to share my journey with Beachbody as well as provide other mamas out there with great fitness and nutrition tips, family friendly recipes and anything else I might find to inspire you to be that HEALTHY mama.


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